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FoundationTen sells top quality brands to sell on  Helping grow brand sales and expand product lines on Amazon.

"They are so easy to work with and sell our products well. It's a pleasure working with them."
Chris Akers

about our company

Growing sales through Amazon.

FoundationTen started in 2019 focusing on home goods selling on Amazon. With a team leveraging years of experience in retail, we quickly expanded into clothing/shoes. With higher volumes clients coming online and strategic partnerships across the country, our Amazon catalog expanded greatly.

With the start of the pandemic, we doubled down. We opened new partnerships with many brands and expanded into sporting goods and grocery categories.

Today we keep expanding with new brand owners, keeping their high standards for brand integrity and delivering the best product to the end consumer.

Amazon Sales Solutions


Expand Sales

We use our vast experience on the Amazon platform to boost sales by keeping products in stock, updating listings, and adding product listings.


Partner Satisfaction

We strive to create good working relationships with our partners. We are believe that being honest and fair is the only way to do business.


High Standards

We provide high quality service.  100% of our items are quality brands and genuine products. Products are prepped and shipped with care.